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Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj – August 2009

Journey to Tanguar Haor

After last safari at Kuakata, TTL arranged a quick safari in Tanguar Haor of Sunamganj. This was my second visit at Tanguar Haor. Last visit was in January, 2009. Reason of this second visit is see the place in rainy season. In this season all the areas around here goes under water. The whole place just become like a sea.

Because of this season, we also had to change our route plan from the last year. Our plan was to reach Sunamganj by bus and from Sunamganj to Tahirpur by trawler. The second day we will visit Tanguar Haor and other areas beside the haor and third day we will back in Dhaka.

This is first time we have started our journey at daylight. At morning 7.30 o clock our bus started from Fakirapul bus counter. It was largest tour among nine safari arranged by TTL. We were total 35 travelers in this tour. So we booked the whole bus for us. In total 8 hours of journey, we only stopped in a highway restaurant at Ashuganj for breakfast.

We reached in Sunamganj town at around 3.30pm. It was already raining that time which gives us an impression that the whole tour we gonna face it. We have finished our lunch near in Sunamganj bus counter and then went to Saheb Bazar to ride on our trawler.

Our trawler was parked in Saheb Bazar ghat. One by one all of us get into the boat and I bring out my camera from the bag. It was still raining but in a low pressure. From the ghat we saw the hills which are in India. Finally the boat starts and 35 travelers were very excited.

classic scene!!

like this one......

what is this?


Water level has increased so high. So, it was impossible for me to trace the previous road. So I was more interested to look for my subject of photograph.

After few hours, saw a very interesting view. A cow boy was sending his cows to other side of the river. The way those cows were passing river, i find very interest.

The entire long road to Tahirpur was almost same landscape.  Small villages, Boats and Fishermen were visible after a regular interval. It was very clear that we were not in very high height from land, because some time we saw grasses on water and bottom of the boat sometimes touches the ground.

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On the way saw some colorful boat and grass field too. In the grass filed, cow was eating grass. Its just like the scenery we read in books when was in KG school.

In the full journey to Tahirpur, Indian hills were with us and never gone away from our sight for a single moment.


Arriving at Tahirpur

We reach Tahirpur at late evening. Rain was already stopped. After a small walk by small narrow lane and a town road we reach our place where we will stay at night. All of we went to our room become a little bit fresh. But didn’t wait for a short photowalk in the Tahirpur Bazar. But after reaching the Bazar, we felt that we were too tired for a photowalk. Just shot few pictures and come back in our place.

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But wasn’t tired enough for an adda. Mishuk bhai and Sahal bhai entertained us with their nice song and skill in guitar.


Journey to Moheshkhola

14th August, 2009. We ware suppose to weak up at 4.00 am and start our journey to Tanguar Haor. But because of the heavy rain we could not start journey at scheduled time. Finally we start our journey at 7.30am. After starting our boat I realized that it’s the same landscape like yesterday’s journey.

It was very tough to have some different photos. And rain was also like yesterday. When heavy rain started, I went inside of the boat and shot some photos from there.

In the long journey to Moheshkhola, we find light for some time. Didn’t miss the opportunity to shot the beauty of Tanguar haor and Shoni’r Haor.

We were planning to go Moheshkhola Bazar for our lunch. After asking some boatman, we find the Moheshkhola.

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After a long journey, we reach Moheshkhola . The town is just in the border of Bangladesh and India. It was a very shiny weather, when we step our first step in Moheshkhola . We asked some local people how to reach bazaar. They show us the way, and during on the way we got rickshaw to reach bazaar. Shot some kids on the way to Bazar.

I always feel good to be in a small town and Moheshkhola gives me the same flavor. We reached Moheshkhola bazar and local people were very strange to see a large group of photographers like us. Everyone get busy to have some food. We did shot sometime in the Bazar and then move to a Hajong village.

Just in front of the village, we stopped in a tea stall and Faisal bhai meet a Hajong person there. The person was so nice and he bring us to his home. At his home, we see his family members  were working. They was actually preparing Pop Corn for their use and sale to. They offered me some pop corns too. It was fantastic in test.

After shooting at that home, we move forward. The scenery was soo mind blowing. The village is near to the border. After shooting at the Hajong village, we back in bazar and finished our lunch there. After lunch we back in our boat. Before get into the boat, too few shots from the bank of the Haor.

One by one everyone back and then we start our boat to go back in Tahirpur. We saw the most beautiful weather when we were returning in Tahirpur. The sky was just like a painting. We could not see the perfect sunset on haor because of the sky. Before the full darkness of night, we reached Tahirpur. All of us shot the sky as long as u can. Some of us ware so tired, so the ware sleeping on boat.

Night of Tahirpur was same like yesterdays night. Walk in Bazar, tea in small restaurant, Adda, singing in room, dinner and sleep.


Visiting Dharmapasha Jamidar Bari

Next day morning we weak up at 7.00am. Finished our breakfast and went to boat. This time our destination is Sunamganj. Again the waters, again the hills, the boats and the rain. Was not getting any different kind of shots, so I packed my camera.

In the way we stopped our journey to visit an old Jamidar bari (Land lord’s home) in Dharmapasha. We the house is just in the bank of the haor. We get inside of the ruined house. I couldn’t manage much information about the house.

Maximum information I come to know from Shudupto da is, the last descendent of the house is still alive. It was heavy raining then. So couldn’t shot too much.

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After shooting at the house we moved to the Bazar which is very close to the house. Its an ideal village market to me. But for the rain, there was no human on the road. I shot few captures of the bazar and get back in the boat. Rest of the time I pass by sleeping & Adda.

After a long long journery we reach Sunamgonj at 4.00pm. We finished our dinner at there and ride on our reserve. We all ware  damn tired. At first slept some time in bust than again adda.

Scenery of Water, Villages and Boatman was not very different for me. As my native village is in haor area, I am used to with this scene. But the hills and the friends are new addition in my memory. I saw this Tanguar gaor in two season which is a great achievement in my life. In the whole tour, we passed three haors (Hail Haor, Tanguar Haor, Soni’r Haor). Its an achievement too.


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  1. Naser

    Bhalo laglo post ta bhai. Looks like you’ve dumped literally every picture from the trip in the post, LOL. Took me years to load the page :)

  2. Ahmed Sharif

    really nice blog post, Arif……..
    especially loved the landscape shots with the hills in the background…… nice documentary….. keep up the spirit….:)

  3. Abul hossen

    Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj – August 2009August 30, 2009 by Ariful Haque Bhuiyan /আমার খুব ভাল লেগেছে ।
    তাহিরপুর তথা টাংগুয়ার পারের মানুষ হয়েও টাংগুয়ার হাওর সম্পর্কে আমি খুব কম জানি । আপনার ছবিগুলো দেখে টাংগুয়ার হাওর সম্পর্কে আমার আগ্রহ বেড়ে গেছে । Thank’s .

  4. Ehab

    Thanks for this post Arif bhai.

    The first few pictures (rain+river+farmers) really made me feel like wanting to jump in the river..

  5. Maruf

    Dear Mr. Arif,

    Its an outstanding documentary you have posted here. No one I mean no 1 can take this type of picture if he or she never really felt the nature, the soil, the mountain, clouds, people, rain,river, water etc from the bottom of their heart. Thank you very much for this post. Please keep this cool work going on.



    if u have any inquary then contact with me
    My residence oo inside of Tanguar hour (Madhyanager)
    Nemchan kanu

  7. Master

    Nice blog, really long journey for you. Liked the photos very much! Great sharing of information good enough for planning to visit this place. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Farzana

    I am jealous…
    but going there tonight… :)
    though I cant take pictures like you do. But guess memories will be kept in my heart… :)

  9. Arif Hasan


    not only picture but a symbol of one feelings………..

    keep it up brother…………………..

    would you please take me to your next journey………

    waiting for your reply…………………


  10. Masud Abdullah Jami

    Oh God.Feeling just jealus. is it my proudy tanguar haor? i always wants to go there. but…..! thanks vaia for nice picture. i love wetland and nature photography.

  11. Arif, Bangla college

    Arif Vai,

    Its really outstanding posted picture. what a rare collection!, Thank you very much for performance

  12. robin

    vi……my future tour will be easy inshallah as i.ve got a very clear idea about how to reach there. I request to to inform me 2 matters…… 1. which time is better to visit—- winter or rainy 2. how much is the trawler fair

    with thanks
    Dr. Robin
    Dhaka Medical College

  13. Augustin Sujan Barai

    I’m a reporter/feature writer of the fortnightly magazine Anyadin. I’ve written a travel feature on Tanguar Haor. Can I use some of your Photos?

  14. Fahad

    Can i get your phone no?
    I Am Fahad.(01678087000). i want to visit Tangua Haor.
    It will be very pleasure for me if i can get some information from you.

    Please Make a Phone call

  15. Asifa Hossain

    nice tour info. people say that girls cannot go to tanguar haor, because the place is not safe. is it true??? just because of i m a woman i cant experience this pure beauty of nature. this kind of comment of people really hurts.

  16. Ariful H Bhuiyan

    @Asifa Hossain, this is not 100% true. We have visited that place more than once and later tours our lady friends went there with us. If you are in a larger group (10/12 person), security will be ensured. If there are 3/4 ladies in the tour, that will be helpful to share room as there are no plenty of living place in Tahirpur.