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Places and People of Bandarban – April, 2009

Tour Schedule: 9-11 April, 2009

Places Visited: Parjatan Rest House, Shoilo Propat, Chimbuk, Nilgiri, Shangu river, Ruma Bazar, Boga Lake.

Hill tracks of Chittagong were always dream to visit, but before the Safari 4 of Through The Lens: Bangladesh (TTL), i wasn’t lucky enought to visit one of the most beautiful landscape of Bangladesh.

Bandarban Tour Planning

001-1 5th March, 2009. TTL announced that Safari 4 is going to be held in Bandarban from 9-11 April, 2009. Listed places for visit was Bandarban Town (Parjatan Rest house Meghla), Chimbuk, Nilgiri rest house (night stay), Next day start for Ruma Bazar, Boga Lake (night stay), next day starts for Bandarban, then Shwarna Mondir and back to Dhaka. In between this, we shell visit some tribal villages. I enrolled my name in the tour member list as quick as I saw the thread in the group and starts waiting for the 8th April night because we will start journey at 8th Night.

Finally the 8th Night came and we were supposed to be meeting at SA Poribahan Counter, Komla Pur at 10.00PM. Bus was supposed to start at 10.30. I reached at 10.05pm and many of us were already there and then starts waiting for rest of the people. Though our tour member list reached 32+ members, but finally we were 27 and 5/6 of them was from Sylhet. They came Dhaka at the same day and starts with us. Our bus started at 11.00pm.

No one was interested to sleep rather than chatting and enjoying the journey. But it was not the first time. It’s the same case as our previous three Safari tours and Kite Festival tour in St. Martins. But after some time of chatting, I feel for sleep and I went back to my sit for a sound sleep. Weak up when our bus stops for 20 minutes to have a break on journey. Provably we took more than 30 minutes :D and went back to bus and I sleep again until we reached Bandarban.

9th April, 2009. We reached Bandarbat at around 8.00am and took a two hours break for fresh up and breakfast. We stayed at Parjatan Reast house Meghla. As per plan, after fresh up and breakfast we start our journey with two cars. Unfortunately I don’t have any good picture of the Parjatan rest house, our breakfast and the cars when we started.

Started enjoying the beauty of Bandarban, Hills, roads and everything we was passing by. We saw Tiger hill from our car and I planned to visit that place anytime next.

At around 10.00am we reached Shoilo Propat. We all came down of and spread around the place within the moment. I started with Zamir bhai (Zamieeruddin Faisal) to take some birds shot. But in between that I also took some other places that are a tiny water flow from rocks, hills behind the Shoilo Propat, two bridges in two sides of the place. Anyway, those bird shots wasn’t good enough to post here.

Photos of Shoilo Propat and Chimbuk Pahar











Than we start again for Nilgiri and enjoyed the beautiful landscape.




Before reaching Nilgiri, we visited Chimbok as well. The beauty of hills from chimbuk is just awesome. We take some food from there as well.

Nilgiri Resort


The Nilgiri Resort Part of the post is moved to Nilgiri Resort In Bandarban – April 2009. <- Please visit this post for Nilgiri Photos.

Boat Ride of Sangu River

10th April 2009. Weak up at morning 7.00am and have the breakfast very quickly because we have to move fast for our next destination, Boga Lake via Ruma Bazar.Took breakfast so fast and some photos from that time.

Started our journey around 8.30am in the same way we came to Nilgiri up to Chimbuk Army camp. Then we turned in another road in the way to Sangu River.

We reached in the bank of Sangu around 11am and reserved some boats to take us up to Ruma Bazar. At boat we all were enjoying the beauty of river, its cold water as the weather was too hot. The hills and village around the river. Found many people’s working on river with bamboos. The river wasn’t very deep in this dry season. Many times our boat gets shucked with the soil under the river.. imagine how deep it was.. some of us get down from the boat and starts walking beside the boat.. it was a wow feelings.

Around 1am we reach in Ruma Bazar. Boat port in Ruma bazar really remind me my childhood life of Bhairab Bazar as that is one of the biggest boat port in Bangladesh.

Photos of Sangu River

[nggallery id=13]

Photos of Ruma Bazar

[nggallery id=14]

We had our lunch in Ruma Bazar from Al Amin hotel and bought some dry foods, drinks from the market. Then started our journey again with other cars. This road was more difficult than previous roads.

Story of Beautiful Boga Lake

First view of Boga Lake

First view of Boga Lake

Boga Lake part of the post is moved to Boga Lake in Bandarban, April 2009 post. Please visit the post for Photos of Boga Lake.

Then we took our dinner and ride on bust at 8.30PM. No one was energetic enough to have another chat, I just slept and weak up at 5.30 when we was in Dhaka and the tour ends here.

This was one of the unforgetable tour in my life. Love u Bandarban, Love u Bangladeh, the queen of Beauty.

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  1. Mst. Ishrat Zerin Moni

    Onek onek onek Sundor….
    Apnar ei jabar sujogta jodi amar hoto na bhaiya tahole eimuhurte amar montobbota hoto ‘amar akhon more geleo r kono kosto thakbe na’….
    Thanks for sharing the experience and views….

  2. Polash

    Hai arif, looks great man.. Moreover Belinda looks grate.. however her face cut is exactly looks like you??? have you ever gone there before!!! ha… ha… just made a fun with you man..
    yes its a nice work by you.. your last one was also good.. PHELA BOISHAK..1416..Bongabdo….
    Keep in touch…

  3. Taru Jibon

    Thanks a lot for bringing to us the beauty of Bangladesh….. A wonderful job… Keep it up… we need some people like you who’s beautiful mentality will help us to build up the nation.

    Well done

  4. Reev

    All the pictures of the Hill tracks, oh my, the awesomeness of these photographs are beyond the limitation of expression.

    • Ariful Haque

      all these pis are taken with Nikon D40 and D90 with AF-S 18-55mm DX ED and AF-S 55-200mm DX ED VR lens. :)..

      and thanks for visit and interest :)

  5. me

    all the pics reflect how professional u r. u r on the rite track, my frend carry on! wishing u all the best.

  6. aunkurs

    Very informative collection Ariful vai ! and its will be very helpful to plan my next trip at BB. Thank U.

  7. Mab Sujan

    Thanks you to focus the beauty of our beloved motherland’s the origin beauty of nature; Bandorban. I visit the said places and again wish to go to see about your photographs that I missed. Thanks You All the team. Mab Sujan.

  8. Mahbub

    Bandarban !! My 2nd home..
    I went with TTL in this tour. And later I went there 5 times (up to 100KM from B.ban). But all those pictures are preserved in my HDD.

    Afetr my 6 consecutive tours in B.ban that produced 80 GBs RAW files, I couldn’t write a Blog or story on it.
    I think I need to explore more to write it.

    U’ve done it…. I m not discouraging you…..
    Bravo….Go ahead…

  9. Hasnat

    It says how nice is our beloved country is! It is only the politicians who are neglecting it. This is no less than Malaysia, Thailand or India.

    Let’s try for the torism growth and campaign. Good job done dear friends bringing these closer to us.

  10. Azim

    Dear Bro.,
    I want to visit. Could you tell me the cell phone number of the hotels in RUMA bazar thus i could be able to book hotel before start the journey.