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Peoples of Sadarghat,Launch Terminal Dhaka – July, 2009

Through The Lnes: Bangladesh (TTL) arrange regular photowalks in short distance of Dhaka or inside Dhaka. In July, 2009, TTL had planned for two photowalks and one safari program. 1st Photowalk was arranged in Shadarghat at 4th July, 2009. There was not reason to miss the photowalk but I had a small problem.

Photowalk at Sadarghat Launch Terminal

[singlepic id=172 w=320 h=240 float=left]Just before some days, I sold my Nikon D40 with 18-55mm Kit lens because I was planning to buy a Nikon D80. I was in short of wide lens, so I planned to capture only faces and what I can get with my Nikon D90 and 55-200mm VR lens.

The photowalk was supposed to start at 8.00am from the Janata Bank Terminal. With a 10minute delay, I reached the place with my cousin Sunny. Few of us was already there and was waiting for other few. Some of ultra wide holder (@:@:@ Grrr) like Kamrul, Faisal bhai was already started shooting with their Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 (Pitla Lens in Shudipto da’s term ::) )

Well, I don’t have much Idea about the Sadarghat Launch Terminal, so I cant explain more about the place except Its in bank of almost dead Burigonga river. Keranigonj is in opposite side of the river . Our plan was to walk beside the river and capture photos, we will cross the river to Keranigonj and back in Old Dhaka side by the Babu Bazar Bridge.

When started walking, I discover that fruit market is dominating over other shops. People sealing seasonal fruits. Some boats are also carrying fruits from the other side of the river, but I really don’t know where the main source of these fruits is.

After some walking we get down into a small terminal. Shot some lifestyle there and went inside of the Lonch. Most of these run in Barishal road.

[nggallery id=7]

In the bank of the river, hundreds of boats used to transfer people from one side  to another side. People need to pay two times for this transport facility. One is to the boatman and other payment is for the terminal owner. I also saw many peoples around the terminal. Some kids from there are…

Crossing the Buriganga River

Then we took two small boats to cross the river. Took few photos from the boat as well.

Dhaka from the Keranigonj side. An awesome view to me. Ahsan Manjil was looking so attractive from other side of the river. Saw some people were bathing on the river though the water of the river is not a great quality. Then we used the stairs of the Bridge to getup of it. From the top of the bridge took some boat shots as well which were in Burigonga. I shoot people’s faces who was passing the bridge… Saw the 1st Burigonga bridge which is located near Sir Salimullah Medical College. Three Rockets was parked in the bottom of the bridge on Babu Bazar side. Believe me it was my 1st live view of this type of ship.

[nggallery id=8]

It was a shot photowalk and though the place is very near to me, I know a very very little about the place. That’s why I am very much un-satisfied about writing of this blog. Though I write it, otherwise in future I could be more lazy in blogging. Comments, critic about the writing and photos are most welcome.

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