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Cats In Malaysia

If you are in First time in Malaysia, you’ll see a very common phenomena here and this is Cat. Malaysian people loves cat very very much and its part of their daily life. Usually you’ll find cat in everywhere. In house,  car, hotels, restaurants, roads etc etc. Well the cats are […]


Bhairab Ashuganj Road Bridge

The Railway bridge between Bhairab Bazar and Ashuganj city is one of the oldest bridge in Bangladesh, made by British India government. The bridge was highly damaged during 1971 war and repaired after the war. After that, the bride operational and this is still the only railway bridge that connect Dhaka, […]

Bhairab Ashuganj Rail Bridge

Oriental White-eye, a common resident bird of Bangladesh

Oriental white-eye is a common passerine* residential bird of Bangladesh. It easily found in the forests, mangroves, villages, groves, gardens or orchards in all appropriate divisions of Bangladesh. Local name of the bird is Udoi Dholachokh and also known as Shet-ankhi. Scientific or Latin name is Zosterops palpebrosus which means large-browed eye-ring. Oriental White-eye is […]

Oriental White eye